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If you are the primary contact for your organization, then you will have access to two accounts - the master account for your organization and your own individual account. This is because our system treats organizations and individuals. It also ensures institutional memory. If you leave your organization, your organization's access to the portal is not discontinued.

The organization's master account is used to pay membership dues and to manage the subaccounts. Your own individual account should be used for everything else - participating in groups, registering for events, etc. You can tell which account you are logged into by looking at the "Welcome, Your Name" at the top. If you are logged into your master account, it will read "Welcome, (Primary) Your Name. It should also show your organization's logo.

The default password is "SYTAMEMBER." We strongly recommend that you change it. On the login page you have the option to reset your password. If you are already logged in, click "Account & Settings" under "Welcome, Your Name." There is the option to change your password.

If you would like to update your information, such as e-mail, phone number, address, etc, click "Account & Settings" under "Welcome, Your Name." You can edit and save your information here.

There are a couple ways to control your notification settings. To view your overall notification settings, click "Welcome, Your Name" at the top of your screen and then click "Account & Settings." Then click Information & Settings. You can check when you would and would not to receive an email alert.

First, you must log into your organization's master account. Click "Information and Settings" tab on the left-hand-side of your screen and click "Sub-accounts". To add sub-accounts, you can send individuals a direct link or you can add their email address to send them an invite. To remove sub-accounts, click the yellow icon next to the individual's name that will detach them from the Organization's profile.

The membership is associated with the master organization account. First, you must log into the master account (the username will be some variant of your organization name). Then click "Account & Settings" under "Welcome, Your Name." Click the "Payments & History" tab on the left and then click Membership on the top. It will tell you the expiration date of your membership, provide a link if it's time to renew, and view past invoices for membership dues.

Click “welcome, Your Name” at the top, and then click “Invoices.”


The member directory is a very powerful tool for networking. Click "Directory" either from the menu or under the menu item "Quick Links." You can either type a name or organization in the "Search" field. You can also search by State in the Location field.

Next you can enter other criteria for searching, such as by city or zip code. You can also search by Organization Type, then click search.

You can view a map of the results by clicking "Map these results." You can click on any of the names to their profiles. On their profile, you can choose to connect or message!

Social Links

Think of My Feed like Facebook. It collects everything that's relevant to you and shows it in one place. It will show any posts from groups that you joined, announcements from SYTA, and posts from people who you are connected with. This means that everyone's feed will look different. If you post directly on the Feed, only your connections will be able to see it. This is a great place to post pictures and share articles!

Full Member Home, on the other hand, is information related to Full Member discussions. This is where SYTA will post notes, news and any information relevant to SYTA Members. If you would like to share a file with the Full Members or if you would like all of the Full Members to see your post, we recommend posting in the Full Member forum.

If you post on My Feed then only people you are connected with will see your posts. If you post in the Full Member Home then all Full Members will see it. If you post in another group, only members of that particular group will see it.

Anything you think the SYTA community would find interesting! That could be links to broadband articles, pictures of meeting up with other SYTA members, questions you have about relevant events, etc. But we would like to keep all posts relevant to SYTA. So even though we love dog pictures, this isn't quite the place for them!

Posting on My Feed will generally be the best. But if it is particular to a particular policy group, then post on one of the policy group forums.

Email with the date and username of the inappropriate post.