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SYTA’s Safety Commitment was created in 2019. The reason…to fill a void in the industry for credibility, education, accountability, and advocacy for student travel safety.

SYTA’s certification programs (CSTO and CSTP) educate student and youth travel providers in the administration of safety and risk management processes and provide customers with research-based information to understand the products and services they are buying from their travel providers.

By providing the needed methods for evaluation and selection of the highest quality, most professional, and educated tour operators and travel providers specializing in student travel, we have developed consistent industry practices across all states and countries.

Certification is voluntary for both organizations and professionals in the industry. It is meant to provide a framework for SYTA members to help their organizations be successful and provide continuing education for student and youth travel professionals.

Click on the links below for more information:

Certified Student Travel Organization (CSTO)

Certified Student Travel Professional (CSTP)


Resource Guides

SYTA creates a culture of safety planning and crisis readiness by establishing safety standards, providing planning resources, training and education for its members.

These Resource Guides were developed to educate student and youth travel organizations and professionals on safety and risk management standards and processes.

If you have practices, resources and guides that can help inform SYTA members and the industry, please contact staff at

Click on the links below to access the guides:

SYTA Crisis Communications Plan

SYTA International Safety Resource Guide

SYTA Crisis Response Planning Guide



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